Thursday, 10 October 2013

First call

In a world that abides to certain distractions
Eyesight matches our mind in retractions
With a power that keeps the lock tight
How soon will it be to find what's right

With disguises that overflow with distance
Will it be the truth we seek in this instance
The small dent we make in this timelapse
Could it be enough to cause its inevitable collapse

Shine by rocks and metallic frenzy spree
Covering your ego with un-heavenly debris
Erase your despicable corrupt brute mind
And let nature's true form in it unwind

Awake from your self-inflicted endeavor
Life is filled with happiness to savor
Indulge in all of your heart's true desires
Accomplish vengeance, spiritual fires

Monday, 1 October 2012

Satokari's spirit

The moon shines bright upon the midnight sky
With petals and light reaching up to fly
I felt a rush that came from my feet
To my heart and mind heading their beat

Astonished to my findings of reality unfurled
Unwound by consistency of an uncovered world
Your existential priorities logically depicted
As spirituality finds its path unpredicted 

With shapes and color the truth unfolds
A story of reality urging to be told
Illusions of time in a physical universe
Converging to a point in this here verse

The path is joyful yet mentally fulfilled
Hardens on contact with the one fear-filled
Do not pretend on the count of your mind
Evaluate that thought, and the one behind

Release them all as sadness of a child
Rejoice in oneness, that resides inside
Feel that unity in your diseased soul
Committing to the remedy, of becoming whole

Whole again with our world my half
To blossom light and happiness and laugh
At all the ignorant states of helpless being
I kiss our soul, now a master of seeing

Friday, 24 August 2012

Of distance and sorrow

As if the wait of nights is not enough
When daylight shines a little too rough
Agony is portrayed vaguely in this letter
Dance with my tear she'll explain it better

Perhaps a stroll along the morning meadow
Flowers of sun shining of royal yellow
Dear Vincent perfection in that colour you found
And mine in beauty's arms, not on the ground

What if i spoke to you about her divinity
My tales alone will gift your spirit serenity
But never will comfort in my soul reside
As long as there's walls around us to hide

Away from the lurkers of love's atheist
My mexican diva with you I am happiest 
Yet away when in cursed times of distance
I lose myself, for you're all of my existence 

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Tamed beauty

Into his life she came crashing in
Of fortnights before, to become his twin
Spreading her grace, beauty and charm
Eyes filled with tears, from a past of harm

A promise of peace in a life to come
Commitment of love, a ring to some
For he laid his head upon her feet
And a future of bliss with her he greets

Memories of old times are now of dust
Carried on winds of their eternal lust
They cherish their lives of solemn amour
Her medicine in life, his permanent cure

She floats upon the notes of spring
Elegantly yet with firmness to bring
An endowed medal of her dance fest
To ease her glory, to provide her rest

Await her patiently as she soars and soars
Hum your love sonnet, to ease your sores
She returns on wings of pride and fame
Let it be known, you now, her beast to tame

Compared to her beauty, you are a beast
Confess your love, to her world at least
for you of trust, she'll dance and leap
"I miss you my love", you both shall ever weep

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sleepless days, brightest nights

When this world's light rises without notice
And birds welcome that morning with courtes'
A stare at her majesty's celestial embrace
Grants a grace, the one of seeing her face

His drastic dilemma restrains his thoughts
The natural habitat where recluse he sought
Or her rectifying presence embracing his soul
That love she offers, the life he eternally stole

Subside foul torment of thought unknown
On love's wings in utopia you'll always be flown
His face in the hours of fifty you shall ever rejoice
Now sufficed as he dreams, of your angelic voice

Of years and days, bright stars are born
Among a black world of human scorn
Yet their light shines of majestic amaze
Upon watching souls on endless gaze

That day of twos and threes in time
Stored in history of forthcoming sublime
He thanks his maker for being ever divine
Presenting him this grace, utopia's shrine

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lover's brush

Can he hide in the shadows of your face?
Away from the world's lurking eyes
From trouble's worry leaving a trace
Behind his angel, who flies and flies

To meet his lover on happy wings
Heavenly soaring to tie their rings
Yet in those eyes he found the world
If not by color, he'll paint with word

Paint your splendor with letters and lines
Confirm his love with all these signs
To find himself as one with you
With you dear love, his life is true

Elegantly floating with your mind
On the hills of Mexico that unwind
Your deepest desires in this life-span
Alongside your brush held by your man

Let her bathe in waters of serenity
She's now your princess, queen of divinity
Rest dear mind, for now is the time
For another promise, yet another rhyme

Uncovering colorful-motion on the way
Rendering him helpless, lost and astray
In melting flames of desires he will lay
Forever your company, he will desperately pray

And pray... 

Monday, 23 April 2012

When it began

Long ago where it all began
A glimpse so clear, rewinds your span
A minute goes here, another dry course
Remember it all as you inquire remorse

That old place is now of perish
The remains are drenched with thought
That old ground you used to cherish
Overwhelms with the crows you fought

It all comes back to me when I wake
I carry it along with a smile to fake
The harsh storm I carry inside
This new feel I'm forced to abide

Do tell me of sorrows and success
For those my ears get greedy
My mind is torn, that; I confess
One can say I've become dreamy

If not of silence, by words you say
Decided in rush, from toes to eyes
Extinguish my thirst, I pray I pray
Unwrap the truth, that gift of lies

And I remain, in this denial
I retire to my own debris
I remain for this long trial 
I hope I see, I hope I'm free