Monday, 1 October 2012

Satokari's spirit

The moon shines bright upon the midnight sky
With petals and light reaching up to fly
I felt a rush that came from my feet
To my heart and mind heading their beat

Astonished to my findings of reality unfurled
Unwound by consistency of an uncovered world
Your existential priorities logically depicted
As spirituality finds its path unpredicted 

With shapes and color the truth unfolds
A story of reality urging to be told
Illusions of time in a physical universe
Converging to a point in this here verse

The path is joyful yet mentally fulfilled
Hardens on contact with the one fear-filled
Do not pretend on the count of your mind
Evaluate that thought, and the one behind

Release them all as sadness of a child
Rejoice in oneness, that resides inside
Feel that unity in your diseased soul
Committing to the remedy, of becoming whole

Whole again with our world my half
To blossom light and happiness and laugh
At all the ignorant states of helpless being
I kiss our soul, now a master of seeing

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